A Day in a Life of a Hospital Patient
By Kim Nguyen

Being in a hospital is no fun, and if you are confined in a wheel chair or other bodily limitation you will feel the crunch the most.

My best friend got into a motorcycle accident and one of his legs was smashed. That night when I received the phone call to meet him at the hospital I was shaking. It's one thing to hear and read a lot about somebody else friend in a hospital, but it is entirely a different matter when it happens to you.

He was completely conscious and he could wiggle his toe underneath a massive ice block. He told me he was optimistic that he won't lose his leg. The doctor told me other wise. I was hopeful for him but also expected to hear the worse.

Few days later I got a chance to visit him in the hospital outside of the ICU (Intensive Care Unit), and he was in a cheerful mood. However, i could tell the sadness in his eyes as nobody from his family was there to visit him.

Time is hard and not everybody has some cash laying around to afford an air fare. However, as fate has it, he has many biker's friends. There is some kind of unwritten concept between these biker groups that, unless you are part of them, you don't understand their code of ethics. These men (mostly men) spent lots of time in the hospital with my friend. They bring him food, water, walker you name it to help him. In addition he has two angels for neighbors.

I told my friend that if he lived at any other place i was not sure he could find such golden hearts. His neighborhood some would call it is a dangerous place to live as you can see police cars patrolling there frequently at night and day.

There were several house break ins but in general the neighbors are a mix middle and lower class. One of the neighbors checked all of his mails, walk his dogs every day. One was constantly on the look out for his house. I was there one time to look for a house key which was left there for me underneath a piece of rock, and he was right there immediately. I was not sure how he could see me so quickly. It's a good investment to be nice to your neighbor, especially if you don't have your family near by.

Anyway my friend was sad and lonely, and he missed his dogs a lot. I took them to see him one day, and although it was so difficult to drive back and forth few times so that the visit could happen the end was worth it. The dogs were happy and he was happy. After all they are the closest family members he can find.

If you have time on your hands, and, even if you don't have time, it is good to find time to visit friends, relatives in the hospital. Don't make just one trip .. make several trips. Ask the patient if they need or want anything. Some will want to have a note book to write down their experiences. Some will want to taste some other foods beside those boring and tasteless meals at the hospital. Make a purpose to give love where love needs the most.

I can't forget his smile every time he saw me. I hope only someday if God forbids, I am ended up in the hospital that someone has a heart to visit me.

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